Why you should have period sex

Let us first discuss why you should not have period sex; your mother’s mother told her it was wrong so she told you it was wrong too and eww it’s disgusting and vaguely taboo because of some ingrained but baseless belief that you are somehow dirtier when you bleed despite the fact that it is a natural occurrence. Also did I mention that all the female ancestors said not to? They must have had a reason right? Also your period has some magical abilities to reduce the potency of spiritual powers and it definitely is some essential ingredient in love potions. So it’s powerful and shameful at once and you must hide away cloistered in your house until you magical but viral period goes away.

Out there, typed out do you see how ridiculous the status quo is? Good. Let us be honest for a second, shall we? A girl’s period is a very hormonal time. You get anything from sore breasts and sensitive nipples to lowered or heightened libido. If your body wants and you have a partner/significant other, sex during your period can happen and more to the point, you can both enjoy the experience. Since you’re still squeamish, let us breakdown exactly how that can happen and why it should happen.

Talk to Your Partner:

We assume you are dating and/or having sex with an adult who is obsessed and slightly in awe of your super vagina, someone who has had sex and is somewhat familiar with the female reproductive cycle. As such he is not surprised at the fact that you have periods. The Vag does not grow razor sharp teeth during periods; in fact it is pretty much the same only slightly wetter which means great lubrication for sex. Wear your big girl granny period panties and tell him. If he’s deep diving there on the regular, he’s probably already thought about it.

Orgasms Can Actually Shorten Period:

When you have cramps that is your uterus contracting and relaxing to push the shedding lining out, orgasms work with the same principle so the more orgasms you have, the more that lining gets going. More orgasms equal more contractions and more contractions means that lining gets shed faster. So simply put would you rather have orgasms or cramps?

Sex helps with all those Pesky Side Effects:

You know what else you get from sex? The mother of all endorphin rushes. Why binge eat chocolate when you can all the benefits and none of the calories? Mood swings, cramps, backaches, irritability, the whole alphabet soup that makes you such a bear to leave with? Great sex can reduce all of that to a minimum.

What About Concerns?

There should be concerns, right? I mean the myth about the taboo nature of period sex didn’t exist on nothing, did it? Well, I hate to break it to you but mostly it does. Your biggest concern is the mess. You will bleed on the sheets so it’s best to put towel across the bed or just have sex in the shower or bath. There’s also a slightly increased risk of STIs because viruses like HIV usually live in your body secretions so they will be present in your period blood but safe sex practices already deal with those concerns. If you are unsure of your partner, period sex or not, use a condom. There is nothing to be ashamed of during your period. Start the decade with the bold decision to love your body, its changes and the amazing things it’s capable of.



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