Trends & Favourite Looks From The European Music Awards

The red carpet for the 2017 European Music Awards was a tad bit boring. However, a few people managed to stand out. My favourite look from the EMAS was Demi Lovato. She wore a well tailored gingham black and white pant suit and skipped the undershirt for her blazer. This was my favourite look and that is to show how underwhelming all the red carpet appearances were. This look is great. I love the bone straight hair and I am a sucker for well tailored pant suits. I also really like the girl boss vibe it gives, but this could easily pass for something Kim Kardashian would wear on a regular day- If I search well I am pretty sure, I will find street style shots of Kim Kardashian in a similar ouitfit-

Another look I liked was  Rita Ora’s. Contrary to popular opinion, I think she slayed it in that bathrobe. Yes yes, I know that it was odd, but come on, look at how chic she looks. I absolutely completely loved it. Rita is known for taking serious fashion risks and she was the host, so I pretty much expected something out of the box and she delivered. I think she looked good. Only about 2 other celebrities can pull that off-Rihanna & Lady Gaga- Rita looked fab.


I think there was some secret group chat which some of the females that planned to attend were a part off, because laid back was definitely the order of the day.

Apart from how casual most of them kept it, black ruled the red carpet. Lots of black and white outfits or pale pink, cream. Basically everyone stuck with neutral hues.

Hailey Baldwin
Charlie XCX
Natalie Dormer

For hair, there was no trend in particular everyone kept it simple but no strong similarities in hairstyle.

Make-up was also pretty basic, lots of smokey eyes, a few bronzes and golds and plenty of nude lip colors.

Red Carpet Summary: Basic

I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t like basic. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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