Style Spotlight! Rita Dominic In Lanre Da Silva Ajayi At The Moet & Chandon Grand Party

For the longest time, I have been absolutely obsessed with Rita Dominic’s skin. She has skin like butter, so smooth. She needs to please share her skincare secrets, I also think a skincare company should endorse her asap because this skin deserves some accolades.

Anyways, that said; this post is not about Rita’s flawless skin but about her outfit to the Moet & Chandon party. When I was writing the heading, I almost added angelic to it, I thought that may sound a little too cliche, so I took it out, but to be very honest; guys, this outfit is giving me angelic vibes.

Rita Dominic & Lanre da Silva Ajayi must have some sort of partnership or be best friends as seven out of ten times, Rita wears LDA. I can’t hate on this partnership, because first off LDA is one of my favourite Nigerian designers and secondly, I honestly haven’t seen a bad LDA outfit on Rita, jamais -jamais is french for never

Now to this angelic

In all honesty, you have probably seen  a dress in this style countless times and not given it a second look. So, what makes this particular one so perfect? Is it the fabric? Silk I guess, or is it the fact that it has the Lanre da Silva touch or is it because the person wearing it can pass for a mini goddess. I honestly think it is all those reasons put together.

This outfit is fabulous, the stylist absolutely knew what he was doing, big ups to Tosin Ogundadegbe, he styled the outfit. Oh, and the hair & make-up, absolutely fabulous. Doranne beauty represented as usual and the make me brand did their thing for hair.

I also love that they didn’t play it safe by just accessorising with silver and white all through, but added an extra oomph to it with the gold bracelet and rings.

What are your thoughts on this look?


Dress: Custom @lanredasilvaajayi.
Styling: @thestyleinfidel
Photo: @shotbyernest
Hair stylist: @ugo007makeme


Image Credit: Instagram

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