Slammin’! Cardi B Is Collaborating With Steve Madden

Cardi B has had an absolutely fabulous year, from fierce magazine covers, to songs going platinum and getting engaged, and right before the year ends, she adds another feather to her hat with this curated collaboration with Steve Madden.

Cardi is well known for her love for shoes, so this partnership doesn’t come as a surprise, plus her iconic line from the song (“These expensive, these is red bottoms, these is bloody shoes”), searches for the brand increased by 217 percent, according to Business of Fashion, 

However, what surprises me is that it took this long for a fashion brand to sign. Congrats to our girl, Bardi. Scroll down to see pictures were she models some of the shoes and check out excerpts from her interview about the collection with Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue: How did this project with Steve Madden come about?

Cardi B: All of this came about because I keep bringing up to my manager, I want to work with brands that are affordable. And are chic but good quality. I don’t want to work with a brand that is like, “Yeah they make shoes,” or “Yeah, they make clothes,” but it’s like…cheap, not good to wear. I’ve always been a fan of Steven Madden. We have a mutual friend, and bam! We connected.

TV: Do you have any favorite shoes from your curated collection?

CB: I’m really loving his boots right now. It’s like, “OK, you can throw this on, and it’s like ‘Okurrr.” I love the boots that have a platform so they look like the ’60s style that I’m so in love with. He has a lot of white boots I love. Then there’s this pump that is baby pink, and it’s so cute. I’m loving his thigh-highs. They actually fit my leg and go up and they stay there, you know?

TV: “Bodak Yellow” is the breakout hit of the year, and the “bloody shoes” line is so iconic. Tell me a bit about your love affair with shoes.

CB: I love shoes, period. I love every type of shoe. I love high-end shoes. I have shoes that cost about $5,000, and then I have shoes that literally cost me $30. I just like me a good-looking shoe. I did do the “bloody shoe” line because I do like Christian Louboutin, but I also know and I’m highly aware that people where I’m from may not be able to afford it. And Steven Madden is always good: high-quality, well-made.

TV: Did you wear Steve Madden growing up?

CB: Yes. When I was 18 years old. It was around wintertime, and I had a turtleneck dress. There was a pair of thigh-high boots in a suede material, and I really, really wanted to wear them with the dress. I made my boyfriend at the time buy them for me. They were around $200. I always wanted those shoes and I got them, and it’s just like [the brand is] still making good boots.

TV: Would you say the fashion industry has been welcoming to you as a whole?

Cardi B: It’s been an evolution. I have been turned down by Instagram boutiques that told me that “I’m not the It girl,” and I don’t take it personally. It’s just something you’ve got to prove to people, just like music. A lot of music people didn’t want to work with me at first, and you’ve just got to prove yourself. You’ve got to prove that you’re that girl and that you’re worth it. I’m not going to turn down an opportunity because they don’t want to let me in, or they just don’t like me in their clothes, period.

I think when brands dress artists everyone already knows, it’s not a big deal because they dress hot all the time. It’s like, “Whatever, who cares?” But when it’s a new person wearing something, there’s more buzz. It’s like, “Look how they’re changing their look, I wonder who’s dressing them.” And some people just don’t notice that type of opportunity, but I ain’t the one to tell them.

 Source: Teen, Instagram
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