New Year, New You But For How Long?

Everyone keys into the new year with a sense of hope. Religious houses insist that this year is your year, your circle of friends start off with new year resolutions, the “new year, new me”, the promises on social media to be more productive and finally reach those goals but by February… well let us just say old habits are difficult to break. We understand how difficult it is to keep the fire going so here at WOW we are going to give you tips on how to keep that momentum going throughout the year.



Yes, Do Less:

This might seem counter productive but hear us out. Most of the time we fill our space with busy work because being busy equals achieving goals right? Only partially. The truth is that in trying to do as much as possible, the danger of spreading your energy and time into unimportant things that do not affect the bigger picture, is more than real. In working hard, you have to work smart, do not just set out big goals, set out the little steps that will achieve it. Don’t expend energy just doing everything to get by, instead set out goal oriented tasks. Then take sometime to yourself for a little bit of introspection. Give yourself time to have conversations with yourself, to see if you are actually achieving what you set out to do or if you need to think up new strategies. Better yet doing less gives you more energy and mind space to actually set out fool proof plans (and carry them out) so at the end of twelve months there’s something to actually show for it.


Start Exercising:

Of course most people imagine in a new year that is the year that they will reach their body goals.  If you’re one such person my advice will be to start small, especially if you’re a novice at exercise. The new year is a good time to try to start attaining these body goals but first know your body. Do a lot of workout styles and switch up locations. Simply because your friend is a gym rat does not mean working out at the gym is what is best for you. You might feel more comfortable with an early morning run and doing reps at your house or you might not even like conventional exercise, preferring yoga or Pilates. The point is start exercising, start small and switch up your routines so you don’t get bored. Pair whatever you do with healthy meals and portion control. Those fitness goals aren’t as unattainable as you think.


Pay Attention to your Relationships:

I’m not speaking of just romantic relationships although that is a huge part. If you have a partner, pay more attention to them, try to see things from their perspective, set out time that is theirs alone. Paying more attention to your relationships is a great way to make sure your circle keeps your goal oriented while you do the same for them. Paying more attention also has the added advantage of getting you to notice friendships and relationships that are simply not healthy for you. Those friend who’s social media feeds give you anxiety in the name of “peppering” now is the time to unfriended and unfollow. Those friends who give two sided compliments, who their sole aim in life is to tell you how you’re better off from their own terrible situation when you have a problem, now is a good time to cut them off. If you want to keep up that positive new year energy do yourself a favor and declutter your social space.


Clean your Personal Space:

I know this is very Marie Kondo but you to clean your space of things that are  unnecessary. A clutter free space is one of the quickest ways to open up your mind for productivity. Get rid of those clothes you haven’t worn in months, if you’ve survived this long without wearing them you probably don’t need them anyway. Those boxes and plastic bags you’re saving up throw them out, rearrange your furniture at home and for your office space make sure you have no less than seven items on your desk at a time. A clear space has actually been scientifically proven to increase productivity plus don’t you just love the smell of a clean house?


Start the new year on the right note and more than, that have the staying power to finish on the right note. Tick those goals and stay getting that Christian Dior bag in 2020.

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