Kim Kardashian’s New Fragrance Made 10 Million Dollars On The First Day Of Sales

You may not like the Kardashians, but you have to at least give them  credit where it is due. Kim who launched her new fragrance line “Crystal Gardenia” 2 days ago, made $10 million  on the first day of sales, according to TMZ.

We are not exactly surprised, given that Kim’s debut cosmetics collection under the KKW Beauty brand sold out within minutes and made $14 million in sales.

Add this to fact that Kylie’s cosmetic line has been valued at $420 million dollars after only 18 months.

Let’s not forget that, the entire family just renewed their “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” deal with E! for $150 million to air till 2019.

You might not like the Kardashians, but they are definitely a bankable brand.

Congrats Kim!!

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