“I have Spent At Least Half A Billion Naira Of My Own Money” Linda Ikeji Says As She Announces The Start Date For Linda Ikeji TV

Linda Ikeji announced via her instagram page that Linda Ikeji TV would debut on May22nd, she also shared with followers the amount of money she has invested into Linda Ikeji TV, and that eventually Linda IkejiTV would get a DSTV Channel, but right now the brand will be starting with an online channel.

“Hi guys, so in exactly one month from today, May 22nd, the online version of our Linda Ikeji TV channel will debut. 
Why online first? Well, the world is online, so despite the fact that we are going to have a DSTV channel, having an online version of our platform was very important to me, mostly for our potential consumers who don’t live in Nigeria and have no access to cable in Nigeria, plus so many Nigerians who live in Nigeria get their content online.

Bringing our amazing content to consumers all over the world, instead of being restricted only Nigeria, was important to me. We are starting with our Nigerian content but plan expand to other African countries.

We are hoping to be to Africa what Netflix is to the world. (They have 125million subscribers and made a profit of $11billion in 2017) 😆. When we launch in May, I hope you guys will come through for your girl and subscribe to the TV channel to watch all the amazing content we have put together which includes all our reality shows, sitcoms, TV series, comedy shows, movies and so many TV shows.

In the last one and a half years, I have spent at least half a billion Naira of my own money (no bank loan, no investors) to put this TV channel together (equipment, studios, manpower/staff, producing/buying of content, rents, licensing etc). I truly hope you guys will love & enjoy our programmes, which includes Oyinbo Wives of Lagos, Gidi Girls, King Tonto, Toyin Abraham: True and Bare, Ajegunle With Love, Football Wives, Ex-girlfriends of Nigerian Entertainers, Made In Gidi, Magodo Mums and their single friend, Ice Prince: Rise and Grind, Annabel: My life as a former Nigerian stripper, Highway Girls of Eko (a show on real life prostitutes), Leading Ladies Africa, Verified, Double Trouble, How Well Do You Know Me (A couple’s game show), Gossip Court, The Report Card, Bars (a show on the Nigerian hip hop culture) Phenomenons (interviews of some of the greatest Nigerian achievers), Classics, Igwe Must Hear This, The Paranormal House on Brown Road (a sitcom about ghosts), and so many other shows.

Plus we have quite a number of TV series/dramas & movies.

Gosh, can’t wait to unveil our channel on May 22nd. 🤩”

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