Gifty is mad at people sending her nudes: “i will track you down and beat the devil out of you”

The big brother reality tv star is very furious with people both male and female who continuously sends naked pictures to her snap chat and Instagram, Here is what she had to say to them:

“Being mute is really crazy on me so its high time i soit out som ewords of warning to some psychopathis people who constantly sends me nude pictures ( male and female) to my snap chat and instagram, Not even from a reality tv show has anyone seen me pissed so dont go there, now, i will not only block your dirty ass but i swear i will track your location with a tracking device and beat the demon out of your insane souls to the extent that yuo will find it so hard to breath.

ps: the only pciture you can send to are pcitures of my skin products you’ve bought and none other. i hate repeating myself, so do not let me”

I just wonder what is wrong with people this days…

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