Buhari and I are poorly paid: Vice President Osinbajo Says

The president and vice president are poorly paid,  vice president Yemi Oibajo said yesterday. According to the Nation, He also criticized the private sector for not respecting the national minimum wages law, which puts the lowest pay at 18,000 naira.

Speaking at the end of year seminar of the state house press corps at the old banquet hall of the presidential villa in Abuja, prof. Osinbajo said he earns about 1.5 million naira as vice president while president Buhari earns 1.75 million naira.

To him, the pay is no commensurate with the office he occupies. the vice presidents also expressed misgiving about the remuneration of journalists and lawyers saying journalist’ case is unique because many media owners male big revenue but simple refuse to pay good wages. he backs his believe with experiences encountered working with media houses as a legal advisor and how in all the months he worked he was not paid despite the irregular hours he put in .

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