Beauty Tips With Dunni: 5 Foundations Below N5000 That Will Give You a Flawless Finish

Here is a list of super affordable foundations that have a great finish. These prices are relative, so depending on where you buy, you might have to throw on extra N500 – N1000, but anything more than that and you are being ripped off.

  • Maybelline Matte Foundation (N4000-N4500)

Maybelline’s dream matte mouse foundation is a lightweight foundation that is available in 12 shades. The finish is perfect and true to its name it stays matte looking for at least the first 8 hours, after that it might get a little oily but by then, your day is probably over.

I cant even lie to you guys, this is my absolute favourite on the list. It is actually one of my  all time  favourite foundations, I will do a list on that soon.



  • Healthy Glow Liquid Foundation Zaron (N4800-N5500)

Zaron is a Nigerian brand that makes quality but super affordable products. Apart from their liquid liner, this is another favourite of mine.

Zaron’s healthy glow liquid foundation comes in 5 shades, it is also infused with SPF 30 which makes the price super reasonable. It has a bit of a matte finish and to the best of my knowledge it doesn’t crease.

  • Revlon Color Stay (N4800-N5500)

Revlon is a pretty trustworthy brand and this particular foundation comes in 35 shades. It is also lightweight and has a bit of a matte finish, but my favourite  part is that it has SPF in it, which in my opinion all foundations should have but that is a story for another post.

  • LA girl Pro Coverage Foundation (N4000-N6000)

Almost everyone uses or has used the L.A girl pro concealers, but very few people are on to the foundation. L.A girl is dark skinned friendly, so finding a shade wouldn’t be a problem.

  • L’Oreal Paris True Match Foundation 

This is pretty good also, but it is hard to find. After I exhausted the first bottle my sister bought me. I checked a few stores and I couldn’t find it anywhere in Lagos. I don’t think a lot of stores stock L’Oreal in Nigeria, I wonder why.

I didn’t include the price because I am not sure, but on the website it goes for $10.95 which is approximately N4010 excluding shipping.

Bonus: Maybelline Fit Me’s Foundation 

So, this foundation is definitely not anywhere near N5000, it retails between N6500 and N8000, depending on where you buy it and it is amazing.

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