Beauty Tips With Dunni: Product Review(Vitamin E Oil)

So, last week I reviewed my pure marula face oil & ginger konjac face sponge- click here if you missed it- and I explained in the post that I would be doing another review of the new products I purchased.

I  read a lot of positive things about vitamin E for the skin, so I finally decided to try it out when I discover a beauty company that deals strictly in natural products had that available.

Vitamin E oil I tried is also from Ajali, I really like Ajali because they are a very affordablke brand and their products are natural.

This review will be in 3 parts, the customer service, the packaging and the actual product review.


This product is just one from a haul I bought, and all the products were fine.


Like I said in the last review, whoever handles Ajali’s phone lines deserves a big raise.


The vitamin E oil is 30ml and cost N3500. Ajali recommends their vitamin E facial oil for dry & mature skin(I realised this when writing this review, explains a

Ajali’s vitamin E oil comes in a small bottle that can easily fit into your bag, it isn’t as lightweight as the marula oil and it has a bit of a strong scent.

With the previous face oil, I applied twice a day, everyday and did not break out I did the same with this but it made me break out a bit. So, what I do now is I use it once in two days, or at most once a day, preferably at night because it gives me a bit of a shine.

Overall, this oil is really good, I have combination skin which explains the break out. If you have combination skin, stay away from it or if you must use it, apply once in 2 days. Don’t be like me.

If you have dry skin, this is perfect for you.

Have you tried this product? Share your experience in the comment section.




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