Are You Comfortable in Your Relationship or Is It Boredom?

When love is portrayed in mainstream media it’s all head long rushes of endorphins that make you deliriously happy to be with the person. Its madness and stolen kisses on moonlit night. This all sounds amazing if you’re a character in a twilight novel but it’s not really all that practical if your two feet are planted deep in reality. The down side to this is that meeting someone you love, settling into that love with the person can be underwhelming. The magic is replaced by routine and sometimes you find yourself wondering if boredom has set in. You find yourself wondering whether it’s time to move on.

Firstly Boredom, though not anything anyone actually ever wants, isn’t a death sentence for your relationship. Secondly, you might just be getting comfortable with your partner and finally getting to that point where you can just be who you are, without any walls or barriers, which is good. Comfort is often mistaken for boredom because while everyone talking about how great falling in love is, no one is talking about actually getting comfortable with a person you love. Comfort is the feeling of home and stability with your partner. It might be that the routine you guys have fallen into has made you content. Comfort doesn’t really require you to move anywhere, it doesn’t stem from a place of unhappiness or discontent. Boredom is the opposite of that. The question of whether or not it is Boredom of Comfort is a deeply personal question only you can answer.

If you’ve answered and decided its Boredom, it’s not a death sentence there is hope. There are little ways you can improve your relationship, if you still decide you want to be with the person you’re currently with. Here are some easy ways you can break the Boredom and shake yourself out of the rut.

Arrange a short Vacation:

A weekend away might be just what you guys need to shake things up. Take a step away from your daily routine and do something over the weekend. You can take a trip to somewhere else in the city. Rent a hotel for the night, get dinner reservation for two. Use the few days away to refresh and remind yourself all the amazing things you love about your significant other.

Do Something New Every day:

Whether it’s eating at a new place or getting into couple-y things. You could take a camping trip for a day or just binge watch a new show. Surprise each other at lunch or buy little gift for your partners. It doesn’t really take much to shake up routine. Just be invested.

The point is, if it’s truly Boredom, don’t just sit there, do something. Get out of your comfort zone both as a couple and solo. Ask your partner to do the same, telling them why you feel the way you do. It is tempting to give up entirely but don’t give into the urge. If its comfort that you feel with your partner, Congratulations. The rest of us are hopefully on our way to joining you.

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