5 “Snapchat” Worthy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For The Women In Your Life That Cost N15,000

So, it is the 3rd day of February and I know there are lots of you who haven’t quite figured out what to buy for your girlfriends, wives, mothers, aunties, side chics, and the others.

This list is not just for those balling on a budget, if your budget is larger than N15,000, you may combine 2 or more things on the list.

Here are 5 super affordable gifts/things to do for the special women in your life for Valentine’s:

  • Take her to the Spa

I love being pampered and I would totally enjoy a day at the spa. Oriki and Ajali offer 30 minute sessions for about N12,000 and N11,000 respectively. You should double check that though, plus the last time I was in Lagos Ajali’s spa was closed. Just call beforehand.

  • Sweet treats(Cakes, doughnuts, puffsquares, cupcakes, dessert cups) from Nectar’s confectionery

I was very specific here because I know Nectar runs one of the most affordable confectionery companies in Lagos. They have various packages for different prices. Check them out on social media, their twitter is (@Nectar_Treats)

The deal above(Cake, Cupcakes, dougnuts and cookies) is for N15,500, but there are smaller deals for lower prices. You can also try Dupe’s Bakery(@Dupesbakery) and Sweetpot’s bakery(@sweetpotsng), but with N15,000 you will only be able to buy just one cake or a box of 24 cupcakes.

  • Dinner at a fancy restaurant. E.g Ocean’s Basket

I chose Ocean’s Basket because the ambience there is great, which is important for me. Service is also really good and the food portions are VERY large.

With N15,000 you can get starters(perhaps garlic bread or the peppersoup), for your main course you can choose the “platter for 2” or the “soulmate platter”, your date will also be able to order any drink she wants, but you are most definitely going to drink the small bottled water.

You will also be able to get dessert, you should share under the guise of romance, “but we that know, know.”

Still pretty good in my opinion, and she can snapchat and both of you can snapchat as much as you want because food presentation is top notch.

  • Perfumes

Before you start mouthing off at me, there a few high end perfumes that do not cross the N15,000 mark. Obviously, do not expect to find them at the malls for N15000, check less high end stores and konga.com. Here are some examples:

  1. Elizabeth Arden
  2. Calvin Klein’s Secret Obsession or Euphoria
  3. Beyonce’s Heat Wild Orchid or Midnight Heat
  4. Perry Ellis- Literally any Perry Ellis perfume, if you are lucky you might be able to score 2 for N15,000 or you can just buy a gift set(perfume, shower gel, body lotion).
  5. Britney Spear’s Midnight Obsession
  6. Rihanna’s Nude or Rebelle Fleure
  • Bouquet of flowers

You certainly cannot get a full bouquet of roses for N15,000, but you can get half a dozen. You can do half a dozen of roses, or just tell your florist that you want a full bouquet but your budget is N15,000 and he/she will come up with a beautiful flower arrangement for that price.

BONUS: Lingerie, Cake & Wine

Please feel free to share any other affordable gift ideas in the comment box.

Image Credit: cfdirect.com.au, newsmobile.in


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