7 Tricks For Online Shopping

The world is quickly becoming one big tech hub, you can basically do everything with a computer now, including one of everyone’s favourite or worst things to do –shopping-

Apart from the basic tricks of avoiding vendors, that do not use their own pictures especially with weaves and clothes. Here are 7 other tips:

  • Sales Testimonials & Sales Records

Check previous sales testimonials, if shopping with Konga or any website that allows merchants stock on their sites. People usually leave honest reviews on products, so you know which sellers to avoid. Also, check sales records, this helps you know how much of that particular product has been sold, and you avoid being the lab rat.

  • Sign Up For The Newsletter

When you log on to a website, try to sign up for the newsletter, it often comes with a discount code. If you are worried about receiving an unending truckload of emails, remember you can always click the spam button.

  • Promo Codes & Coupons

Yes guys, this is a major key. A little discount honestly never hurt no one. You can google for promo codes, or often just search through on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook; fashion bloggers often post about their promo codes on social media.

  • Plan

I am not an impulsive shopper, and this really helps me out. Apart from the fact that I do not make unnecessary purchases or purchases I end up regretting weeks later, there is the advantage of free shipping. If you plan your purchases, chances are when you finally decide to buy, you buy a lot more as opposed to just buying 1 or 2, this helps you harness the ‘free shipping advantage’ most websites offer for purchases over a certain amount.

  • Use the Size Chart

I hear complaints of how the shoes purchased do not fit, or how the dress is too wide or the skirt won’t zip. Some people aren’t aware that right next or often times below  the ‘Add to cart’ button is the size chart, usually a comprehensive one, with sizes available in inches, the American standard sizes, and the Britain standard size.

Using a size chart, helps reduce the fitting  problems to the barest minimum.

Yes, yes I know exactly what you are mouthing at me, ‘what if there is no size chart, or if the size chart isn’t properly detailed or even correct at all?’ Be a gem and proceed to the next point please.

  • Contact The Vendor Personally

Then, you can contact the vendor personally. This tip isn’t just useful, for when you have size problems, but it is also useful when you need clarifications on your order or if you want that particular item in a different colour or something. Also, if you are polite enough, you might just get another discount code.

Plus that contact might just come in handy, in case there are issues with the order, you at least have someone to hound until corrections are made or you get your refund.

  • Do Not Check Out Immediately

I honestly doubt this works for Naija websites, but then for other websites when you hold off on checking out for a while, you could get sent a personal discount code. This is because they monitor activities on the website, and know when an item is picked, returned, or put in the cart.  Please do not do this if there is a chance of the item selling out.

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